2017: Mobile App Required

If you’re serious about building a lasting relationship with your customers, you must have an engaging digital experience.  And the most utilized and fastest growing way consumers access digital media is through smart phone mobile apps.  If you already have a mobile app, you can stop reading now.  If you aren’t convinced or if there are others in your organization that aren’t yet convinced that a mobile app is a requirement, then this article should help convince you and them otherwise.

Consumers spend more time on their phone than their computer

According to Comscore, consumers access digital media from their phone 67% of the time and from their computer 33% of the time.  Since 2013, desktop web usage has increased 3%, and mobile app usage has increased 111%.  Nearly all the growth in digital media consumption is a result of the growth in mobile app usage.  This is how your customers want and expect to consume information from you.


A mobile-optimized website is not enough, you must also have an app

The goal of your mobile app is to engage your current customers in a way that encourages them to interact longer and more frequently with your brand than they are now.  A mobile app is far more effective than a mobile responsive website at keeping a customer’s attention.  Comscore reported in 2016 that the average visit to a mobile app is 20 times longer than the average visit to a mobile website.  Consumers use mobile websites to find what they’re specifically looking for, and when they find it, they leave that site.  Consumers interact with mobile apps, and those interactions lead the consumer to discover new ways of finding value from the brand.


Developing a mobile app is a better investment than improving your website

The top 1000 digital brands saw their audience grow 36% over the last two years – 81% growth in mobile usage and a 4% drop in desktop website usage, according to Comscore.  People are spending less and less time on websites, so why would you invest in building a website and not in a mobile app?  For customers in MeterGenius-built programs, those that have downloaded the mobile app log in almost five times more than those who only access the program via the web.


Don’t let the limitations of your technology team dictate your digital presence and hinder your ability to engage your customers.  The MeterGenius platform allows you to have a state of the art mobile app for a fraction of the price it would cost to build on your own.  Plus, we can have your mobile app in the app store in less than two months, compared to the year it will likely take an in-house team to deliver.

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