3 ENERGY STAR Products That Will Keep You Cool This Summer

We talk so much about products that sport the ENERGY STAR label, you’d think the program was one of our sponsors. It isn’t. But the EPA program has given us a great way of finding energy efficient equipment and when it comes to keeping cool in summer months, finding this label can lower your temperature without skyrocketing your electricity bill costs.

Air Conditioners

It all starts with air conditioning, as this is the biggest cost center when it comes to cooling your home. An ENERGY STAR certified air conditioner uses 10-15 percent less energy than standard air conditioners. Upgrading this appliance can make a big difference.

Ventilation Fans

Installing the perfect ventilation fan will help control moisture in your bathroom.  Of course, ENERGY STAR models provide great ventilation fans that are both quiet and save energy. ENERGY STAR models have lighting built in that use around 65 percent less energy than the normal fans. In a lifetime, you can save $120 on just a bathroom fan. To properly use ventilation fans, make sure you run it while you shower and 15 minutes after you’ve turned off the showerhead.

Ductless HVAC Systems

ENERGY STAR also provides certified ductless heating and cooling systems.  These systems are highly efficient and circulate warm and cold air into your home.  An owner can reduce their heating and cooling costs by 30 percent with one of these ENERGY STAR appliances. Saving money cannot get this much easier. Another advantage of ductless systems is the reduction of dust, bacteria, pollen, and allergens. Also, these systems are easy to install. It’s easy, saves money, provides clean air, and easy to install.

Three easy-to-find products and years of savings. Don’t forget to check for the ENERGY STAR label and stay cool this summer.


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