3 Quick Tips For a More Efficient Backyard

Easy ways to have a more efficient backyard without much work.

You spend a lot of time creating a beautiful outdoor space to show off for friends and family. But have you considered how much money can be easily saved on your water and energy bill with just a few simple actions? Here are some the quickest and most valuable energy decisions you can make for your outdoors:

Choose efficient outdoor lighting options

Efficient  outdoor lighting is one of the best ways to earn great savings over time. Choosing solar powered lights give you the ideal choice for walkways, garages, and security lights. Solar powered lights are maintenance-free and easy to install.  Solar powered lighting is accessible in any state but more efficient in places that receive much sunlight. Another way to save is to install a motion sensor for your lights. Motion sensor lights provide security by turning on when you need to see outside and save money by not staying on long. This makes for an excellent security system at such a small cost.

Water your lawn early in the day

Watering your lawn and garden is important to have a beautiful yard, but homeowners often miss the mark it comes to the proper time to do it. The best time to water your plants is during the morning hours. Why? Early morning tends to have less wind and ,therefore, less evaporation. The evening hour aren’t bad either, but homeowners should avoid the afternoon as much as possible. The most important aspect when watering is making sure the leaves have time to absorb the water and enough time to dry.

Use less water in your chores

It is very simple. When working in your backyard, driveway, or front yard, use less water. For example, many people use water to clean their driveway, but it will save you hundreds of dollars if you just use a broom instead. Another way to conserve energy is to use a bucket of water, rather than a hose, to clean your car. Only use a hose for the final rinse, so that you don’t waste any water that can be reused.


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