3 Ways to Make Game Consoles More Efficient

With rapid growth in new technology, gaming systems are becoming more and more intricate.  Gaming systems now sport voice activation, virtual reality, 3D screens, and other features that are fun and exciting but also use more and more energy.When used on average five or six times a week for about an hour and a half, your game consoles use around 7 to 65 kWh a year. That’s quite a bit of energy. But there are substantial ways to game that don’t cause excessive waste that you should know so your console isn’t jacking up your electricity bill. Here are ways to avoid additional energy being wasted on your gaming system:

Power Saving Options

Most game systems provide a “power saving” option. For Xbox One users, enabling the “power saving” option can reduce standby power usage by 98 percent. PS4 also provides a feature that goes into “rest” mode which reduces the amount of energy used after one hour of dormancy. Wii comes with a feature that when activated uses only a half a watt of electricity when the game console is on standby.

Each game console provides its own gaming perks, but if you are debating which gaming console to buy based on energy efficiency, Nintendo’s Wii is the easy winner. The Wii uses 16 watts compared to the Xbox at 199 watts and the PlayStation at 4,150 watts.

Keep Updating your Console

Those pesky updates can be an annoying distraction for most gamers. But these features are very helpful in keeping money in your pocket. Some past updates have dropped energy consumption by over 65 percent. Don’t lose the game when it comes to energy savings.

Stream  fewer games 

Streaming through your game console can make you lose more energy than streaming through your computer or laptop. The game console’s streaming service uses up to 10 times more energy.


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