4 Quick Fixes to Make Your Bathroom More Efficient

You can save money and energy anywhere in your household, but few areas of the home can leave you flush with extra cash quite like the bathroom. The bathroom uses the most water in your household—27 percent of the total water consumed! But don’t worry. Here are a few easy ways to start bathing in efficiency:

#1 – Buy an efficient shower head
The easiest way to cut back on your water and energy usage is to install an energy efficient shower head with a flow rate less than 2.5gpm (gallons per minute), also known as a low-flow fixture. These showerheads can cut water waste by up to 50 percent.

#2 – Take showers over baths
You may enjoy a nice bath every now and then, but it won’t refresh your water bill. When taking a bath, you can use anywhere from 35 to 50 gallons of water. A normal 10-minute shower will use only about 25 gallons.

#3 – Install a low-flow aerator
Installing a low-flow aerator is cheap and more efficient than a normal faucet. Buy one with less than 1.0 gpm for the most savings. Kitchen sink faucets, on the other hand, pour out 2.2 gpm. Many low-flow aerators also have a shut-off valve that allows an owner to stop the flow of water. By purchasing a low-flow fixture, you can save 25 to 60 percent more water.

#4 – Check for Leaks
An incredible amount of water is likely leaking in your bathroom! According to Energy.gov, just one leak with one drip per second can waste 1,661 gallons of water. In a year’s worth of time, that leak can cost you up to $35 per year. Look for leaks in your bathroom and if you find one, make sure it gets fixed immediately.

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