5 Ways to Rearrange Your Home for HVAC Efficiency

Rather than hiring a technician or mechanic to make major changes, a few adjustments in your home can help any homeowner save a considerable amount of money. Here are five ways to get air moving more efficiently through your home:

#1 – Move your furniture

Do not place furniture or other home accessories on top of vents. Blocking an air vent with furniture or other home accessories can reduce the air flow by 30 percent or more. Have you checked recently if your furniture is blocking your ventilation?

#2 – Open your windows

A simple way to help your energy bill is to use natural ventilation. Natural ventilation is the process of supplying and removing air through an indoor space without the use of a fan or other mechanical system. Open your windows at night and let in the colder air.

#3 – Keep hot objects away from thermostat

Move objects that release hot air such as lamps, ovens, etc. away from thermostats and make sure direct sunlight isn’t hitting the thermostat either.  Objects heating the thermostat can overwork the air conditioning unit.

#4 – Do not close vents or shut doors

Do not close air conditioning vents or doors in unused rooms. Closing vents will cause too much restriction on the unit and will use more electricity. Closing doors will restrict the path of air flow and eventually cause cooling problems.

#5 – Keep AC unit away from the sun

Make sure your AC unit is away from the sun. The sun’s heat can overheat the unit and make it work harder to cool your living unit. Place your AC unit in a shaded area but be aware of possible limbs or branches falling on your unit.

Also consider an annual air conditioner maintenance check up every year for a cheap way to keep your unit working efficiently for a long time.

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