Are You Using An Energy Efficient Computer?

Computers are perfect for searching the internet, working from home, watching movies, and playing games. But our favorite devices aren’t so great when it comes to energy efficiency. Make sure you are not losing extra money and energy on your devices by following these tips:

Which type of  computer is most efficient – laptop or desktop?

Be aware how much energy each device uses. On average, a desktop computer uses between 70 and 200 watts while in use, while laptops only use between 15 and 60 watts while in use. If you want to save electricity, go for the laptop.

Are you using an energy efficient monitor?

If you still wish to use your desktop computer, you can save money by upgrading to an energy efficient monitor.  Using LCD monitors can save you over 250% more power than CRT monitors. Not only do you save power on a LCD screen, but it also has a sharper image than the CRT.  A 17-inch LCD monitor uses around 35 watts while a 17-inch CRT monitor uses around 90 watts.

Do you have an ENERGY STAR computer?

Believe it or not, ENERGY STAR provides computers that can help a homeowner save both energy and money.  According to ENERGY STAR, “if all computers sold in the United States were ENERGY STAR certified, savings would grow to more than $1 billion in annual energy costs per year.”  ENERGY STAR computers also come with “sleep settings” that activates after a period of idleness. With this “sleep mode,” the owner can save up to $35 per computer annually.

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