Bill Nye pays $16 a month for electricity

Bill Nye the Science Guy lives in his 1200 sq feet home in Pasadena, California, where it is hot and sunny all year long. He manages to reduce his electricity usage down to a small fee of about $16 a month. The key to saving energy is efficiency. Here are some ways Bill Nye makes his home more energy efficient.

Light Colors. He paints his home a pale yellow. Light Colors reflect light from the sun as well as the heat that it brings. He also furnished his home with light tinted furniture. The reverse would apply if you live in a colder climate. Painting your home with darker colors will keep more heat in.

Windows. He installed low-emissivity windows that would better insulate his home and last for decades. Keeping the cool air in and hot air out, the entire summer he only had to turn on the air-conditioning a few times.

The Sun. If you live in a sunny place like southern California, solar panels may be a good investment. These technologies are more affordable these days. Bill Nye’s panels cover his roof and produce 8 kilowatts of electricity each day and can triple that during longer summer days. That is more than enough electricity to light up his house the entire night. 

Water. On the roof is a solar-heated water system which has sunlight heat the water and a sensor detects when it reaches the set temperature to be transferred into a water tank. Instead of wasting running water when waiting for hot water to arrive, he also installed a “chilipepper” device beneath his sink that is designed to back cold water into another pipe until water arrives from the heated water tank.

Appliances. Making sure all his appliances are energy efficient and unplugged when unused. This ensures requiring less energy to power all things in his home.

Making our homes more energy efficient, not only saves money, but can reduce our home’s energy consumption up to 70%. Reducing our energy use will in turn also reduce the pollution in our environment.

Here’s a video by Wall Street Journal featuring Bill Nye’s green home:

If you want to read more about Bill Nye the Science Guy and his thoughts on energy Here’s a Q&A about renewable energy:

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