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How to serve the two types of energy consumers

There are two types of energy consumers’ electricity providers serve each day: the “energy literate” and the “energy agnostic.” These two groups may be of equal importance to energy providers, but require drastically different approaches in marketing the value of … Read More

A Guide to Customer Engagement

These days, customer engagement is more than just a buzzword — companies that have truly focused on improving their customer engagement strategy have seen real returns on their investment. But while the impact of customer engagement transcends industry and customer … Read More

How to Measure Customer Engagement

How do you know if you’re improving customer engagement?  The only way to know if something has been improved is to be able to measure it at two different points in time.  But how do you measure something qualitative, such … Read More

Utility Executives on Customer Education

So what do utility executives really think about residential customer education and engagement? The answer can be found in Utility DIVE’s recently released “Utility Residential Customer Education” survey.  The study surveyed 144 utility executives throughout the US, and the results … Read More

The 1%

Fact of the day: The electricity consumed during the top 1% of peak hours accounts for as much as 18% of the total electricity consumed during the entire year, according to “The Power of Dynamic Pricing” by Faruqui et al. … Read More

The Importance of Targeted Messaging

Imagine you received a “Happy Birthday” card in June that didn’t include your name, your age, or didn’t take into consideration that you were born in November?  Even though the card sender knows you have a birthday this year, clearly … Read More

Simple tips for improving your social strategy

Everyone understands that social media is quickly consuming our lives on a daily basis. In order to accommodate the consumer’s connected lifestyle, energy providers should utilize social media to their benefit. When thinking about the customer, energy companies have to … Read More

Surprises help engage and connect

Do you remember seeing MasterCard commercials that always ended with an experience or moment dubbed to be “priceless”? That campaign did wonders for MasterCard’s image and adoption. So much so, that the company continued to use that slogan for more … Read More