How to Purchase an Energy Efficient Television

Today’s television companies are producing lighter, larger, more flat and higher definition products to drive consumer interest. But televisions also use a lot of energy and can be a real drain on your electricity bill. Many homeowners don’t realize there are efficient options out there that also have the exciting features they want. Here is what every consumer should consider before making a purchase:

Energy Star Quality TVs

When you purchase your next television, make sure it has the ENERGY STAR certification. ENERGY STAR qualified televisions, on average, are 25 percent more energy efficient than regular models. Having ENERGY STAR qualified television equipment like a Blue-Ray player, audio, or other devices can save you around $200 over the lifetime of the products. ENERGY STAR qualified televisions come in all shapes and sizes, but every one is an efficient model.

Do Not Buy a Plasma TV

You can debate whether to buy and LCD or a LED TV, but if you want to save energy, do not purchase a plasma TV. Plasma televisions can consume as much energy, if not more, than a regular sized refrigerator. For example, an 80-inch LED TV has a monthly energy cost of $2.20 while a 51-inch plasma television has a monthly energy cost of $2.29. Make the right decision and don’t buy a plasma TV.


You’ve got two options for new televisions: LED or LCD. LED television are more efficient – using around 20 percent less energy than LCD televisions. In many cases, televisions provide an EnergyGuide Label on each appliance that will show you the estimated yearly energy cost. Be sure to always look for the EnergyGuide label on every TV you purchase, because that will show you the estimated yearly energy cost of that specific TV.


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