How to Water Your Lawn and Save Money While You Do It

A luscious yard can significantly increase the overall beauty of a home. It can also greatly inflate your electricity bill if you’re not careful. But smart homeowners can grow a more valuable, gorgeous yard at a much bigger discount than the average homeowner receives.  We’ve developed a simple list of tips to make it happen for you. Here’s how to save water and money while you’re maintaining the best yard in your neighborhood.

What’s the proper length to cut your grass?

Don’t cut your grass shorter than 4 centimeters high. By cutting your grass longer than 4 centimeters (1.5 inches) high, your soil will not dry out as quickly and your yard won’t require nearly as much water.  Plus, if you cut your grass too short, you’ll increase the likelihood of weeds growing in your yard.

How often should you water your lawn this summer?

According to Popular Mechanics, It’s not necessary to water your lawn every day, especially if you’re doing a “light” watering each time.  Instead, water your yard every few days with a lot water. Your goal should be to water your soil to a depth of six inches. The first time your water your yard, dig up a small area after about 20 minutes of watering to see if the soil six inches under the surface is damp. If not, keep watering and check again every 10 minutes. Water your yard in this way twice a week.  This will reduce your overall water usage and it will create a deeper root system that soaks up and retains a greater percentage of the water.

When should you water your lawn?

Never water your lawn during the middle of a hot summer day, because too much of the water will evaporate.  Watering your lawn at night runs the risk of fungus and disease growing in your grass, because the water sits on the blades of the grass for too long.  The optimal time to water your grass is from 4am to 10am.

What kind of sprinkler should you get?

Use a pulsating sprinkler rather than an oscillating sprinkler. If you are watering seeds you just put down, it’s ok to use an oscillating sprinkler because your seeds won’t be pushed around by an oscillating sprinkler.  But after a week or so, switch to a pulsating sprinkler. Oscillating sprinklers waste too much water due to evaporation and wind.

Do you need to water your lawn all summer?

Continue to water your lawn throughout the summer. If you start and stop lawn watering, you run the risk of your grass not being able to adapt to its watering conditions.  It’s actually harder on your grass if you water it for a few weeks, then stop for a few weeks, and begin watering it again. If you can’t maintain a regular watering schedule, just stop watering and let the grass get watered naturally.

Get a water timer

One way to be sure you’re using the right amount of water is to use a timer.  You could do something at simple as using the time on your phone, or you could use a timer specifically for watering your yard.  These attach to your outdoor spigot, and will automatically turn off the water after the time you set.


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