Simple tips for improving your social strategy

Everyone understands that social media is quickly consuming our lives on a daily basis. In order to accommodate the consumer’s connected lifestyle, energy providers should utilize social media to their benefit. When thinking about the customer, energy companies have to make sure each and every customer is satisfied. What better way to engage with customers than connecting with them on social media. How does this work?

Consumers need information that is easily accessible, relevant to their needs, and frequently addressed. Websites such as Twitter and Facebook are great resources to connect easily with customers. Facebook is a great way to reach out to your customers.

Here are some tips from Shell oil company on how to utilize Facebook:

1. Make sure you use the custom apps panel

2. Use timeline to tell your company’s story

3. Post lots of photos

4. Make sure your content can be related to by multiple target groups

5. Incorporate other social media sites into yours

Twitter is another powerful tool. Twitter is great because you do not need to post a lot to be heard. Make sure you follow these tips from DEER Digital:

1. Post photos and videos

2. Send direct messages to customers

3. Use links in your posts to other websites or blogs

4. Post frequently

5. Retweet great articles concerning your business

Keep in mind that social is just one piece of the engagement puzzle. Alone, social will be marginally beneficial, but when combined with a richer customer experience, a strong social media presence will allow you to spread positive sentiments about your company and improve the satisfaction of your existing customer base.

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