Why Air Conditioner Maintenance is Crucial to Energy Savings

You’ll rely heavily on your air conditioner this summer, so you want to make sure it’s working as efficiently possible. According to Angie’s List, an air conditioning tune up should include checking the motor, blower, drain line, coils, operating pressures and temperatures, the return and supply lines, refrigerant levels, and connections.

Experts say you should get your air conditioned tuned up every year, regardless of the age of the unit.  Preventative air conditioner maintenance costs between $50 and $100, but you’ll likely double your return on savings you receive from lower energy bills this summer, need fewer repair calls in the future and make your air conditioning unit last longer.

Want to save money on your cooler costs all summer? Here’s why maintenance makes a difference:

Lower your electricity bill

As temperatures rise, so will your cooling costs if your air conditioner isn’t running efficiently.  In fact, a system tune up could decrease your cooling costs by 5 to 30 percent, which could save you hundreds of dollars alone.

Extend the life of your AC unit

There are a litany of issues that can occur in you overlook AC maintenance. Loose electrical components can cause short circuits and wreak havoc on your system.  Restricted return air vents can overheat your air conditioner. Dirty air filters cause the system to overwork and reduce the life of all of its parts. New air conditioner units costs thousands of dollars, so why not fix these issues before it’s too late?  With regularly scheduled tune ups, your unit could last 15 to 20 years.

Live comfortably

By lubricating the parts within the air conditioner, your unit will run quieter.  You’ll also be breathing cleaner air if you properly maintain your air conditioner.  Dangerous microbes can grow inside your evaporator coils if they aren’t cleaned. Dust and dirt can be blown throughout your home if your air filters aren’t replaced regularly.

Your air conditioner has a major impact on your budget and quality of living, so don’t skip out on scheduling an annual tune up or you’re bound to pay for it.

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