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The Complete Customer Engagement Solution For Electricity Providers

Meet MeterGenius

Our creative plug-and-play customer engagement platform connects competitive energy providers with their customers


White-labeled web applications that provide more flavor than simple usage graphs


Mobile applications that enable users to interact with their electricity and their provider anytime they want


Engaging email campaigns that leverage user-specific content

Nurture Your Biggest Asset

You power the lives of your customers every day but only interact with them monthly. Engage your customers with user-specific savings opportunities, a gamified user experience, and comprehensive product integration.

Engagement leads to more satisfied customers; satisfied customers are valuable customers.

  • True Customer Engagement

    Users in MeterGenius-built programs spend 15 minutes per month interacting with their energy provider...That’s a 2500% increase over the industry standard! Our team of engagement specialists work with you to cultivate the engagement of every customer. Our emails have achieved a 50% open rate, encouraging interactions with the web and mobile app. The customers that download the MeterGenius-built mobile app spend nearly 600% more time per month interacting with their supplier than those customers that only access the program through the website.

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  • We Power Loyalty

    Increase customer retention rates by 40% by offering a MeterGenius-built program to your residential customers... Engagement is strongly correlated with retention. The customers that log in at least three times a month have an average retention rate greater than 90%. The only way to create such a loyal customer is to deliver more value than just the commodity. Electricity is not a tangible product, but we provide the tools to create one. The modern consumer expects a personalized digital experience where they can get the information they need at their fingertips. If you create an experience that your customers value, then they will become even more valuable to you.

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  • Double Your Value

    By increasing customer retention rates, your customer lifetime value can increase by over $200 per customer... On average, it costs 4X more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing customer. Essentially, every dollar spent to acquire a new customer could have been used more effectively to retain the customers you already have. By increasing retention rates by 30%, we’ve helped clients increase their Customer Lifetime Value by nearly 60%. By launching a program backed by the power of MeterGenius, you’ll end the year with not only more customers, but customers that are more valuable than ever before.

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